The exquisite decoration of its dining rooms is dominated by its fine oil paintings and antique furniture, with large windows that overlook the magnificent mountain scenery.

The quality of the ingredients used on the stove offers dishes which have been inspired by the traditional flavors together with the most innovative recipes.

The menu changes according to the season:

  • Fresh homegrown vegetables
  • Fresh asparagus and wild mushrooms
  • Wild black mushrooms (bolete) from the Ultzama Valley
  • Wild game dishes such as roe deer, squab and pigeon
  • Homemade desserts specialising in puff pastry cones and curd
  • Warm salad with foie, hare fillets and duck gizzards with a balsamic vinaigrette of Módena.
  • Artichokes stuffed with wild mushrooms and foie with a perigourdine sauce
  • Roe deer loin with redcurrant sauce
  • Roast suckling pig at low temperature